St. John’s Wort


Treats mild to moderate depression, HIV, herpes, hepatitis B and C, para-influenza, burns, scars, wounds, stomach ulcers & more.


St. John’s Wort Tincture – Clinical trials have found that St. John’s Wort is as effective as pharmaceutical antidepressants for treating mild to moderate depression, without the unpleasant side effects. Other uses include anxiety and insomnia. It has also shown antiviral activity against HIV, Herpes virus, Hepatitis B and C, parainfluenza 3, and other viruses. Also noteworthy is its wonderful effectiveness in healing damaged tissue, wounds, burns, scars, and stomach ulcers.

If using to help treat depression, one should allow at least 2-3 weeks for it to be effective, and do not take if you are currently taking any other antidepressant medications without first consulting your health care provider. There is also a possibility of St. John’s Wort interfering with the effectiveness of hormonal birth control methods.

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