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I’ve been grateful to receive much praise for Kerry’s Herbals directly from my customers. With their permission, I am pleased to share his and her comments with you below.

Ally Against Harsh Climate

I have been so pleased with both the quality and effectiveness of the products I’ve received from Kerry’s Herbals. In a climate that can be extremely harsh to one’s health, I feel fortunate to have these products – Miracle Salve™, and the Oregon Grape Root, Motherwort, Cherry Bark/Mullein Tinctures especially – as an ally. From sunburn, windburn, bug bites, and Devil’s Club runins in the summertime, to chapped lips and virus yuck in the long winters – my whole family reaches these products first. I’m especially pleased at the quick delivery I can count on from Kerry’s Herbals, a big plus when you live in an isolated area. Her honest, personal advice has led to select natural products that are very appropriate for our family as well. Highly recommended!!

Five star rating for Kerry's HerbalsMandi Stehn, Kodiak, Alaska

I Cannot Rave Enough About Miracle Salve™!

I love Kerry’s Herbal Oils and especially her Miracle Salve™! When my kids get bumps and bruises I reach for the Arnica Oil immediately. I use my Calendula Oil a LOT, both on cuts and scrapes, and in my diaper wipe solution. And my very favorite of her products is her Miracle Salve™. This stuff REALLY is awesome! I keep a tin in my diaper bag, and one in each bathroom. It soothes and heals my baby’s bottom when he gets a rash, works great on burns, we use it for bug bites with great success, it is completely multi-purpose! I used it for sore nipples after my baby was born, and have found it works great on my nose piercing when it gets irritated. I really cannot rave enough about Miracle Salve™! Thank you Kerry!

Five star rating for Kerry's HerbalsDebra Jackson, California

Arnica Oil Brought Instant Relief

I am so pleased with the Miracle Salve™ and Arnica Oil. Nothing we’ve tried is better than Miracle Salve™ for sunburns and diaper rash! When I smashed my thumb in the car door, the Arnica Oil brought instant relief and prevented a lot of bruising and swelling!

Five star rating for Kerry's HerbalsDebbie Frost, Little Rock, Arkansas

Headache Tincture Ought to Be Called Miracle Tincture!

My teething toddler bit me and I was using Miracle Salve™ to soothe my cracked nipples. I was amazed at how quickly they healed. So then I decided to try it on my newly pierced navel. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at how quickly it is healing! Both my breasts and my belly look great 🙂 I also wanted to add my praise of the Headache Tincture! It really ought to be renamed ‘Miracle Tincture.’ It works better than motrin on my headaches. When my current supply is gone I will be reordering a larger bottle. Thank you Kerry!

Five star rating for Kerry's HerbalsLaura H, Charlotte, NC

Never Another Winter Without Cherry Bark & Mullein Tincture!

My son, 6, still suffers from croup at least once a winter. At this age, it is hard to calm him as he realizes that he is unable to breathe and begins to panic. This year I had Cherry Bark/Mullein on hand to give him. This stuff is amazing! Within 10 minutes or less, he was calmer and breathing more easily. Once his croup has calmed and he has a basic cough, the Cherry Bark/Mullein allows him to sleep at night. He now asks for “the good stuff” when he is having trouble with a bad cough or croup! My 2 y/o had croup this year as well and that is when I discovered how great it was for calming the effects of croup and coughs. It allowed her to clear her secretions and breath more easily. I never want to go through another winter without Kerry’s Herbals Cherry Bark/Mullein. Never!

I also have Kerry’s Arnica OilMiracle Salve™Echinacea Tincture, and Ear Oil on hand at all times. Next purchase is Calendula Oil and another bottle of Cherry Bark, don’t want to run out! Great stuff Kerry, thanks!

Five star rating for Kerry's HerbalsNancy, Texas

My Supply Increased by 2 oz. per Pumping Session

I recently went back to work full-time and had to pump in order to feed my 5½ month old son. Soon after, my supply began to decrease and coupled with the increasing needs of my growing son, I was barely able to express enough for feeding him during the day. I ordered Nursing Mothers Tincture from Kerry’s Herbals and after taking it for only one day, my supply increased by two ozs. per pumping session. Thank you! I was so worried about having to supplement with formula and now I don’t have to! I am also a Miracle Salve™ user and can not rave enough! Thanks, Kerry, for your great products.

Five star rating for Kerry's HerbalsShannon, Arizona

I Never Even Got a Bruise

Kerry’s Arnica Oil saved my fingernail. A while ago, I absolutely mashed my middle finger, left hand, in our futon frame. I mean, I was collapsed sobbing in pain & couldn’t even get my breath. My finger tip was starting to swell & I could see the purple starting to come up under the nail bed. I put Arnica Oil on it several times during the next two days and *I never even got a bruise*!! I have no idea how Arnica Oil works, but it is awesome. I thought for sure I was going to lose my fingernail. I’m also a big fan of Kerry’s Miracle Salve™, Iron Tonic Tincture, and Skullcap Tincture. Thank you, Kerry!

Five star rating for Kerry's HerbalsKari V., Twin Cities, MN

My Son Loves the Taste of It Too!

Kerry, your Cherry Bark/Mullien Tincture is the best thing I have ever tried for my son’s coughs and colds. He takes after me and tends to get a lot of spasmodic, croupy coughs, and I am amazed at how well the tincture works for him. I have tried a lot of things in an effort to help him stop the coughing, and this is by far the best. (None of the others even work, actually!) My son loves the taste too! Thanks so much for having it available.

Five star rating for Kerry's HerbalsBecky MacCormick, New Hampshire

No Scarring

Our daughter sent us your Miracle Salve™ when my husband received 2nd degree burns to his foot from boiling water. As soon as he began to grow new skin, we started using the salve and his healing has been amazing! The new skin is smooth and soft – no dry patches and no scarring! He believes the salve made the difference and avoided expected scarring.

Thanks so much for creating and marketing this! I have since purchased it for several friends and family! It works especially well on the itchy exzema spots I get on my hands and lower legs AND I don’t have to use Cortisone cream at all! Keep up the great work!

Five star rating for Kerry's HerbalsCarol Music, Southeast Alaska

No Sign That He Ever Had a Rash

I just have to tell you how AWESOME your Miracle Salve Plus™ is. My son had a HORRIBLE yeasty diaper rash that was just getting worse and worse and nothing I was doing was helping him. A couple of online friends recommended your Miracle Salve Plus™ to me, so I ordered some. On Friday morning, his rash looked worse than ever, so I called his ped to make an appointment for 2:00 that afternoon. Your salve came in the mail around noon that day, so I went ahead and put it on him right away. I SWEAR to you that by the time I took him to the ped 2 hours later, his rash was already significantly better. His ped was so impressed that she told me to throw out the Nystatin and keep using the salve. He woke up this morning, not even 24 hours after the first application of your salve, and the rash is COMPLETELY GONE. I’m just amazed. There is no sign at all that he ever had a rash. No redness, no bumps, nothing! Just a sweet little baby bottom. So I had to thank you for offering such an incredible product! You have a customer for life!!!

Five star rating for Kerry's HerbalsKT, Indiana

I Am Finally Free of Systemic Yeast

I am finally free of systemic yeast, thanks to Kerry’s Oregon Grape Rootand Black Walnut tinctures and Miracle Salve Plus™. I was amazed at how quickly my symptoms went away! Kerry has been a huge help with lots of information and feedback, helping me along the way.

Miracle Salve™ is used by my family for everything – scraped knees, burns, chapped lips, rashes, etc. I now carry some with me at all times since it does such a great job at helping things heal.

Five star rating for Kerry's HerbalsKathy Mayers, California

It Saved Our Vacation

I ordered some Miracle Salve™ and Miracle Salve Plus™ a while ago and I wanted to let you know how fantastic your products are. We were battling a unknown heat/sun/sweat related rash with my 10 year old and had tried all of the usual remedies for an allergic reaction. I thought it really had to be something else and figured it might be yeast. He was prone to yeast infections as an infant. Well, I was right. The Miracle Salve Plus™ worked GREAT!!! It saved our vacation with the in-laws (a disaster last year). The rash was gone within an hour or so after applying the salve and provided the soothing he needed. Although the rash came back each day, the salve managed to keep it under control even when it was at it’s worst after a day in the salt water (which seems to really aggravate it). Thanks again for making such a wonderful product.

Five star rating for Kerry's HerbalsTara, Virginia

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